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What Is Organic SEO?

Every day hundreds of millions of people use search engines to find relevant information from websites on the internet, and SEO refers to the discipline of designing and developing your website to maximize your search engine rankings. Organic Search Engine Optimization applies to techniques used to acquire high rankings and natural placement in the unpaid search engine results on major search engines.

Organic SEO is based on a wide range of elements and strategies, and it is an ongoing process that continues well after the website goes live. While Search Engine Optimization is not based on any single element alone, some of the most important elements include the Metadata, Page Titles, Entry and Exit pages, page copy, coding structure, internal linking, and graphics.


Why is Organic SEO important?

It is free. Unlike Pay-Per-Click search engine traffic, when someone clicks on an organic search engine result listing, you do not pay a fee for that click. The potential for high return on investment with quality organic search traffic is greater than pretty much all other forms of traditional and online advertising. Not only is organic SEO cost effective, but it works, and it will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

SEO is basically about providing website visitors with the best experience possible, and search engines want to provide relevant results that keep users happy. Search Engine users tend to trust businesses that show up in the top results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which can provide credibility to your brand. Having a strong online presence by earning incoming organic search engine traffic is important whether you are targeting customers locally, nationally, or internationally. The traffic you receive from highly targeted organic search engine traffic is more likely to convert than any other types of lead generation sources.

SEO also offers business owners greater insight into their business and their customers through analytic data. Using Google Analytics to track valuable information about potential customers that visit your website is essential. Having the ability to analyze user behavior can be very helpful when trying to better target future customers that will lead to conversions.

Why is Organic SEO is an Ongoing Process?

Due to increasingly intelligent algorithms, and the rapidly growing number of websites on the internet, Organic SEO becomes more complex with each passing moment. Search Engines are continually changing , and the techniques and strategies to achieve top rankings in the major search engines continues to evolve. The days of posting thin content that lacks very little value are over, and the focus on creating quality content has taken center stage. While creating high quality content to post on your website is more time consuming, the results will always be far more rewarding.

Ensuring that your website code is strategically optimized to be easily readable by both humans and search engines is vital if you plan on ranking well in the SERPs.  Having good code will ensure that your website is displayed properly, while helping to avoid any unwarranted ranking penalties along the way. Using improperly formed or deprecated HTML and CSS could possibly have a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

To conduct a successful organic SEO campaign, one must realize that doing so involves a lot of tasks. Many of these task must be planned and performed, and then the waiting game begins. When Google updates and you finally get to see the results of your labor, then you must make the proper adjustments based on how your website ranks for relevant keywords and the analytic data collected.

With the competitive landscape of Online Marketing always changing, keeping up to date with current SEO trends is a full time job. You cannot hope to successfully outrank your competitors in this day and age, if you are not fully committed to SEO. Just because your site ranks well today, does not mean it will sit atop the SERPS tomorrow. Search Engine Optimization practices have and will continue to evolve, and it takes a ton of time to not only learn the technologies that drive organic search engine traffic, but to learn how to properly navigate their individual sets of rules and best practices.


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